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ACT | Animal Coalition of Tampa

Affordable Veterinary Care

ACT's mission is to improve the welfare of animals through spay/neuter programs, affordable veterinary services, innovative adoption and comprehensive humane education programs.

Our vision is to make pet ownership a reality to many people who would not otherwise have that opportunity due to financial constraints. Every day, we make a difference in the lives of animals and the people who love them. We serve animals and help them to live better, healthier, happier lives through quality veterinary care services.

Open Monday – Saturday:

Clinic 8:00am – 5:00pm
Shot Clinic 9:30am – 3:00pm
Closed Sunday

1719 West Lemon Street
Tampa, FL 33606
Phone: (813) 250-3900
Fax: (813) 250-3925

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Recent Blog Post

Animal Coalition Spay Day

Thursday, March 24, 2016

In 2015, the Animal Coalition of Tampa (ACT) provided 11,033 animal spay/neuters, as well as 14,521 veterinary vaccinations at affordable prices for the Tampa Bay community. In addition, ACT provided pet wellness exams, veterinary follow-ups, and dental procedures at discounted rates.


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Testimonials from our clients... Read Below

"I really love ACT. They care about the animals they work with and are always very kind and positive towards customers. I have always felt like ACT cares about my pet and is not just trying to take my money for unnecessary procedures. They have repeatedly shown me that they are minimally intrusive, sparing my dog from unnecessary pain and medication, and saving me money--whereas other veterinary services will overcharge you for things your pet does not even really need. Today I took my dog in to ACT to have them check a lump I found on her side that I was worried could be a tumor or lipoma. The vet checked her out, gave us his opinion (that it was probably just a bite and to monitor it for a while longer before considering a biopsy), and didn't even charge us for an office visit! If we had gone anywhere else they would have not only charged us for an office visit, but also convinced us to prematurely do various expensive procedures. I highly recommend ACT!"

Angie Pitts(

"This place is amazing and they really do love animals! They have a temporary clinic located off of W. Lemon street currently. We took our 4 month old puppy here to get him neutered and everything went so smoothly! You can not beat the price!!!! They offer shot packages and spaying/neutering at amazing deals. Check them out and do not forget to donate to this amazing cause!!!!"

Candace D.(Yelp)

"I will continue going here for both support to ACT and for the shots and my kittens upcoming neuter. The technicians were wonderful to talk to and helpful. Everyone was so great and the vet even helped with a lot of questions I had. They're not all about the money like many vets are. Thank you, ACT! Passing the word along."

Cassidy Jane(

"What a wonderful, friendly staff!!! I had my golden spayed there a few months ago and today I took my Shih Tzu for his yearly shots. Their prices can't be beat!!!"

Cindi Larson(

"Love love love ACT! I am a local rescuer & I absolutely adore this clinic! We've had countless dogs there for spay/neuter surgeries as well as vaccines. They have great prices & the staff couldn't be more kind and knowledgable. THANK YOU ACT FOR ALL THAT YOU DO FOR OUR COMMUNITY"

Jenn L Johnson(

"I've taken my dog and both cats here many times for the shot clinic and it's gone smoothly every time. The shot clinic is first come first serve and you need to be patient because they do get very busy sometimes. Both cats had their teeth cleaned under their care and I couldn't have been happier with the service, especially since they only charge about 25% what a regular vet would charge. Recently took one of the cats in for a senior checkup. Dr Caputo gave her a very thorough exam and diagnosed that she is having some arthritis issues which is now being treated successfully thanks to her. I will continue to go to them for vaccines and annual checkups for the senior cats."

Jonathan W.(Yelp)

"Act is simply amazing. My first experience with them we took my mothers sick pug with pyometra and they got her emergency surgery the same day. She was well taken care of by act . Unfortunately she passed a week later, due to no fault of act. She probably only lasted another week longer thanks to their efforts. They even sent my parents a condolence card. I just took my cat there after going to another vet. He had an ear hemotma , the other vet wanted to charge 600 $ and act did it for 308 $ which included his immunizations. He's angry about the cone but they did fantastic with him . I will surely recommend act to anyone that has a pet."

Kelly Crain(

"I would like to thank the wonderful techs and surgeon who worked on my dog Snoop today at pretty much last minute notice. Thank you for giving my dog a second chance my boyfriend Eric and I appreciate your work and we will be bringing all our animals here for shots and other things they may need! Thank you!!!"

Keshanie Pooran(

"I greatly appreciate all of the amazing work your staff does for our animals. Thank you! "

Laura York (

"We love Animal Coalition! They have the best prices for shots, pet meds, and basic surgeries. We have worked closely with ACT and they are wonderful people who truly care for your animals. Would highly recommend to anyone!"

Lisa Prakobkit(

"Our second time to take a pup to be neutered. They are both happy and there were no problems whatsoever. Great staff of volunteers omg~!"

Lyman D.(Yelp)

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